Libertine Roll-on Perfume

Libertine Fragrance Roll-on perfumes and colognes are blended into hydrating liquid coconut oil and can be used on both skin and hair. The fragrance in the roll on version is lighter and sits closer to the body for a more personal experience.

Manufactured in Edmonton, Canada.


Sex & Jasmine - Jasmine Sambac Absolute* (India), Sandalwood Absolute* (Hawaii), Geranium* (Egypt), Neroli Absolute* (Egypt), Vanilla Bourbon Extract* (India), Aged Patchouli Essence* (India), Ambergris

Soft Woods - Black Pepper* (India), Juniper Berry* (Hungary), Balsam Fir absolute* (Canada), Rose de Mai Absolute* (Egypt), Frankincense* (Oman), Vanilla Bourbon Extract* (India), Musk

Troubled Spirits - Oak Wood Absolute* (USA), Cinnamon Bark , Damask Rose* (Morocco), Vanilla Bourbon Extract* (India), Aged Patchouli Essence* (India), Amber

Witch Doctor - Wormwood* (India), Texas Cedarwood* (USA), Organic Ylang Ylang* ( Madagascar), Birch Tar* (India), Vanilla Bourbon Extract* (India), Aged Patchouli Essence* (India), Benzoin Absolute, Rockrose Absolute (India)

Sweet Grass - Tobacco absolute* (USA), Mimosa Flower Absolute* (Egypt), Rosemary* (Morocco), Cardamom* (Sri Lanka), Atlas Cedarwood (USA), Vanilla Bourbon Extract* (India), Tonka Bean

*denotes materials of natural origin

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